SASS is a stylesheet language not unlike CSS - in fact, it compiles to CSS. But it adds programmatic logic, element nesting, mixins and variables. This means that CSS can be written with less repetition through the sharing of styling rules, so when it comes time to rewrite, edit or refactor the developer isn’t sifting through hundreds of lines of code looking for every incidence of a rule. Instead, they just change a variable. There’s a reason the A stands for Awesome!

I use SASS in...


Marmalade was a complete management system, for personal needs, household matters, and businesses alike.

Yellow Mountain

Before I decided to focus on my own brand, Yellow Mountain was my web design company.

Looking to start a web project or need some help fixing one? Get in touch to see what I can do for you.

Thom Bruce

Your local, personal web designer and full stack developer in Carlisle.

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