CSS3 is the latest iteration of the Cascading Style Sheets language. CSS has long been the cornerstone of web design, and this latest cranked up its capabilities a long way. New grid layouts have become possible, along with gradients and animations. Previously, animation could only be achieved by leveraging JavaScript. This typically means additional file-loads and potential bugs as logic is separated across scopes. With CSS3, transition styles are written where they belong: in the style sheet.

I use CSS3 in...

Thom Bruce

The website for Thom Bruce, my own personal blogging and marketing site, shows off the best of what I can do.

How I Do

How I Do is my own personal microsite for documenting my process. It allows me to keep reference to many, many productivity hacks and complex processes.


Marmalade was a complete management system, for personal needs, household matters, and businesses alike.

Yellow Mountain

Before I decided to focus on my own brand, Yellow Mountain was my web design company.

Looking to start a web project or need some help fixing one? Get in touch to see what I can do for you.

Thom Bruce

Your local, personal web designer and full stack developer in Carlisle.

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