Bundler is a dependency management tool for Ruby. In Ruby, dependencies are known as gems. These are the packages and extensions which an application utilises to provide means tested results, providing faster development of more secure applications. Bundler helps to manage these dependencies by providing a simple way to list gem versions and create a dependency tree. It ensures their compatibility with one another and offers a way to keep them up to date.

I use Bundler in...

Thom Bruce

The website for Thom Bruce, my own personal blogging and marketing site, shows off the best of what I can do.

How I Do

How I Do is my own personal microsite for documenting my process. It allows me to keep reference to many, many productivity hacks and complex processes.


Marmalade was a complete management system, for personal needs, household matters, and businesses alike.

Yellow Mountain

Before I decided to focus on my own brand, Yellow Mountain was my web design company.

Looking to start a web project or need some help fixing one? Get in touch to see what I can do for you.

Thom Bruce

Your local, personal web designer and full stack developer in Carlisle.

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