Thom has worked with clients all over the world, but it's Carlisle and broader Cumbria
he's called home for most of his life. These are the places of significance right here at home.


Thom was born in Whitehaven and spent a significant portion of his childhood living close by. When it came to having a few first outings as a teenager, the regular rock night at Whitehaven’s Civic Centre made for a nice scene. The town also features a stunning port that was the home of the Whitehaven Maritime Festival. As a budding filmmaker, Thom also made use of this port in a short film which he had written and produced.

St. Bees

Thom probably spent the largest proportion of his childhood in St. Bees. It’s where he attended primary school, and where he lived throughout the week with his mum and stepdad. The village is surrounded by hills on all sides except the one facing the sea, which makes for a brilliant introduction as you crest the surrounding area and descend into the valley. The cliffs of St. Bees give way twice to a pair of beaches, and everything about the surroundings is dynamic and gorgeous. It’s a beautiful place to live and to visit.


Allonby is a coastal village near the port town of Maryport. Thom travelled here pretty frequently as a child then lived in the village a while as a teenager. It was the home of his dad and stepmum. Not unlike St. Bees, Allonby is famed for its beach. Flat sands and gentle roads render a tranquil scene that extends far to the horizon. You can watch the sun setting over the sea here year round, which makes for beautiful, dramatic evening views.


Keswick is a gorgeous town in Cumbria’s Lake District, and it’s where Thom attended secondary school. As though the scenery at the foot of Skiddaw weren’t dramatic enough, school days would often be provided the additional excitement of fighter jets swooping low through the mountains. With Bassenthwaite and Derwent Water in local proximity, Thom also engaged in a lot of boating activities here, from paddle-boats to kayaking and motoring across the water. Being educated here was genuinely exciting.


Thom currently lives in Carlisle with his partner, his son and their cat. He also attained his Bachelors degree here. It’s a little city with a lot of scenery. On a particularly nice day, it’s great to look across Eden Valley at the city and enjoy the many green areas on offer.

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