Ethan Bruce

Do you see that handsome baby? That’s my son. He’s already doing a lot to emulate me. He already enjoys climbing and skateboarding, he just can’t do either without assistance yet. But goddamn have I got a feeling this dude is going to be talented one day.


Ruby is my father and stepmother’s dog. She’s a remarkably well behaved creature and appears inquisitive. I do like calling her name and then watching her tilt her head to the side as though to analyse my behaviour - why would you call me without anything to offer, human? She loves long walks up the mountains and has matured to be frustrated by the antics of puppies, though she’s still not much their senior. More …


For such a gorgeous cat, this one really hates having her photo taken… or human attention at all, really. Friendliest when she’s being fed, otherwise keep your distance. We got Scarlett as she was the last of her litter. She’s fiercely territorial, and though she was meant to be my partner’s cat she’s apparently loyal to just the one person - me. More …