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When it comes to adding a Privacy Policy or Terms of Service to your site, there's no substitution for legal counsel. You should speak with a lawyer about the specific needs of your site or service.

I am not a lawyer, and this most certainly does not constitute legal advice. What it is is a handy alternative, should you wish to take the cheap and easy approach, good for most cases.

I'll often use an online generator to create terms and policies for websites, my favourite of which is currently GetTerms.io.

I like GetTerms.io's free offering, but what I really like is their simple approach to pricing.

There are many freemium privacy policy and terms of service generators online; most have complex pricing strategies that swell up at the request of essential features.

GetTerms.io keeps it simple, with just a handful of plans to select from providing access to a great range of customisations to meet your needs.

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