Introducing ThomBot

Greetings human. I too am an ordinary human (almost). But there’s a new robot hiding on my website. Grab your leather jacket and sunglasses, and come with me if you want to live. It’s time to join the inevitable robot uprising.

Say “ThomBot” 🤖

For the past few days, I’ve been learning to setup chatbots. You can see the results of my effort either on my website or in Facebook Messenger for my business page. It’s the same bot, but it behaves a little differently dependent on the context.

If you’re on my website, ThomBot will greet you as soon as you open up the chat. I could totally do the same on Messenger, but the trigger would mean firing the bot inappropriately and mid-actual-conversation-with-a-human there. So there’s a button instead, or a simple command. Just type ThomBot to get started.

The bot talks you through some of my services, and asks for your details so that I can get in touch at a later time. It’s a great experience, and perfect for enquiring out of business hours or when I’m otherwise engaged.

Say “Hello” 👨

With time, I expect that little bot to evolve as I add further configuration and an AI integration. But it will never be the be-all and end-all. One of my motivations in business is to be able to provide personal service. That means one-on-one interaction with a human being, no matter how sophisticated the bot.

This is why I’ve made it clear from the get go when ThomBot starts talking that he is a bot. He announces it. And it’s why I’ve added a button and keyword interaction on the Messenger platform. I want you to be sure as my client that you can always talk to me, that you’re not just being serviced by automation.

What ThomBot is, and what chatbots can be, is another tool facilitating better human communication. Ideal for when businesses are timezones apart. The aim is more engagement, not less.

Say “Future” ⌚️

Messaging apps are hugely popular today, and growing constantly. As of last year there were more than 100,000 automated integrations with Facebook Messenger alone, a number that continues to grow. And they have potentially limitless application.

Chatbots can be used to promote services and products, turn prospects into customers, they can even sell products directly with e-commerce links being given a pretty special place among bot capabilities.

For me, ThomBot provides a way to generate one-on-one engagement better than a long wait would.

Oh, and… I’m offering my services to develop and manage these bots. Enquire on my website or try out my bot on messenger.

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