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Hi, I’m Thom. I’m a web designer and software developer from Carlisle, a curious pragmatist, active traveller and family man. I’ve served clients from San Francisco to Japan, working on everything from brochure websites to sophisticated web applications. Over my decade of professional experience, I’ve picked up a lot of skills and know-how so that you can always trust that I’ll use the right tool for the job, delivering powerful, affordable and secure software, no matter the nature of the job.

I live in Carlisle with my partner, our son and our cat.

I currently live in Carlisle, well-situated for great views and easy travel around the North of England and South of Scotland. Typically, whether my clients are in California or East Asia I’ll be working from my office right here. Much of the work I do, I do remotely. From independent work to groups of about ten developers, I’ve always managed to stay on top of projects and communicate with a distributed team.

Before settling in Carlisle, I lived and moved a lot through West Cumbria and the Lake District.

They say it takes ten years to become a master in any skill. Well, I’ve been programming for longer than that but the field changes so much and so quickly that even a master may remain constantly challenged. I love that! My passion is in exploring and playing with new ideas. I’m always trying to be inventive with solutions, and always adding new technologies to my capabilities. This means I can provide a huge offering of services that will suit any scale of application. From static sites to WordPress, Ruby on Rails to API driven single page applications, I’ve got it covered. For an almost comprehensive overview of my skills, check out the link below.

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Having worked on applications and websites of many different scales with clients spanning the globe, both by myself and with distributed development teams, I have a wealth of experience to offer. This experience makes me uniquely suited to delivering scalable websites quickly and affordably.

I want you to be completely satisfied with my offers, which is why I bring a little of everything to the table and I commit to helping you scale and transfer your application as you grow.

Drop me a line if you’d like to talk more about what I can offer you.

Thom Bruce

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